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Cambodia: Public Service Fees Updated for Patent, Utility Model and Design

The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation (and Ministry of Economy and Finance) has issued a joint Prakas (Declaration) on Public Service Fees on the 9th July 2020 for patent, utility model and design filings. The Prakas takes effect from the 26th July 2020.

According to the Prakas, the following items/fees have been added and/or updated:

Additional services and fees:

  • Additional fees for filing a PCT application between the 30th and 32nd month

  • Publication of patent/utility model application within 18 months

  • Request for a duplicate certificate of patent/ utility model/ design

  • Recordal of change of name/ address of applicant or change of agent of applied patent/ utility model/ design

  • Request for evaluation of infringement for design

Existing services with increased fees:

  • Granting fee of Utility Model

  • 3rd annuity fee for patent/ utility model

  • Publication of renewal of design

  • Certification of any documents

The Prakas also provides fees related to forwarding documents to WIPO, validation of EU patents and designation of design to Cambodia via the Hague System for reference.

Separately, surcharge for late payment of annuity fees for the patent/ utility model has been removed. According to the law, a grace period of 6 months for late payment is still allowed without penalty.

If you have questions regarding the new fees and/or patent/utility model/design in Cambodia, please contact us at

Written by: Sokunvannary Tep & Chris Vale

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